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Those new bike lanes and the 3-Foot Passing Law didn’t just happen, and they wouldn’t have happened without Advocates like you. Consideration for cyclists isn’t a high priority for most folks on O’ahu, with most everything being about cars. With 365 days of good weather, limited space, a need to improve health, and to provide equitable transportation; biking more and driving less makes tons of sense. Changes need to be made to encourage and enable that. Advocates push for that. 

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Comfortable Streets For All

Vehicles that are loud and expel smelly exhaust, create an uncomfortable space for those not enclosed in a vehicle. The more comfortable the street environment, the more likely people will walk and bike to get around, benefiting the individual and surrounding community.

Repave Ala Wai Bike Path

The bike path that lines the Ala Wai Golf Course and Ala Wai Park needs repaving. This is a campaign to send messages about the importance of making the path safer and more comfortable.

Report Shoulders & Bike lanes that need cleaning, widening or to be added 

Cyclists use highway shoulders to commute and recreate. Shoulders also increase safety for those driving by providing space for emergencies. We need your help to report where there are deficiencies.

Support New Bike Lanes on S King, Punchbowl and Richards 

The densification of Downtown will require a sustainable transportation network within, including transportation alternatives for those who can’t or don’t wish to use a car for all their daily trips. With this transformation, Honolulu can realize the social, economic, and environmental benefits of becoming a more bike-friendly city.

connect the Lei of parks 

HBL conducted a survey to learn what is most important to cyclists. As a result, we decided to create safer connections for cyclists and pedestrians on a route between Waikiki and the Pearl Harbor Bike Path. This Urban Core Route feeds into the Lei of Parks. 


Maintenance of bike lanes and paths is extremely lacking on Oahu, to the point where some are too dangerous to bike and walk on. HBL members often say they are in such disrepair that they are unusable. The asphalt is cracked, there are potholes, roots pushing up, trash all over, lack of good lighting, etc. People report falling and getting injured. It is a liability to the city.


The bike path, known as Ke Ala Pupukea, was built nearly 30 years ago, and extends 3.5 miles through Sunset Beach. Due to aging, salt and sun damage, wear and tear, and tree roots pushing up the asphalt, the time has come to reconstruct this well-utilized path. It is dangerous.

Campaign updates

Nimitz bike path repaving

Thanks to your efforts sending emails about the need for the south end of the Nimitz Bike Path to be repaved, HDOT is expected to start paving at the end of 2022! We will add updates here when we learn more. You can still send messages to further this project, and about other maintenance projects, click below.


HBL worked with advocates on the North Shore to raise awareness about the need to repave the path. This resulted in $300,000 going into the city budget for planning and design from Councilwoman, Heidi Tsuneuoshi. The mayor added $200,00 for planning and design. The money was put in the budget and approved. The city expects to hire a design consultant by December 2022. To ensure the path gets built in a timely manner we need to keep advocating. Click below to sign the petition.

Protected Bike Lanes improved

Due to letters you sent to city officials, the concrete barriers along S. King St. have been straightened out, and the posts along all protected bike lanes have been, or will soon be replaced by more sturdy ones. On Pensacola, 42 posts were replaced between Wilder and S King in early September 2022. They need continual maintenance, so click below to send your message.

Bike Improvements in kewalo basin

HBL brought together city, state and private organizations to ensure Kewalo Basin has added safety features such as wayfinding sharrows, bike boxes, additional path connections, signs, and path widening to make it safer and easier for cyclists to access the protected bike lane on Ward Ave. and Ala Moana Park. With more people moving into downtown and the addition of the bike/ped bridge over Ala Moana Blvd. these are needed additions.