Get Triking with HBL!

Rediscover your youth on adult-tricycles supplied by the Hawaii Bicycling League.

Recumbent three-wheeled trikes provided for Instructor-led rides by HBL!

Recumbent trikes offer greater stability and comfort to riders of all levels because of their unique riding position. Even if you haven’t been on a bike since your childhood–or don’t know how to ride a bike–you’re sure to feel stable on a three-wheeler! The recumbent trike offers a (very comfortable) alternative to traditional upright bicycles, making them great for people with bad backs or poor balance.

If you’re used to riding a bicycle this is a fun alternative to see the island from a more “laid-back” perspective. We always ride the pace of the slowest rider, so you never have to worry about getting left behind. You will be with a friendly, patient, and knowledgeable Ride Leader the whole time.

WHERE Do We Trike?

Main Location: Pearl City / ‘Aiea. Ride on the car-free Pearl Harbor Bike Path (also known as the Pearl Harbor Historic Trail).

Special: Contact Malia at or by calling the HBL Office at (808) 735-5756 to schedule a paid group trike outing for your friends (5 participant minimum).

Trike Ride Schedule:

Rides listed below are open to the public. $40 donation is encouraged but not required to ride.

⬇ Register for a trike ride:

To register for an upcoming Trike Ride: Click on the ride date below you wish to join & submit the registration form to reserve a trike for the Golden Gears trike ride date of your choice! Please note that ORIENTATION Rides are geared towards FIRST-TIME trike riders and will include a full Orientation and short slow roll after that. If this is not your first-time & you’d like a slightly longer riding experience, choose a BEGINNER Ride.


About Registration:

All Senior Ride trike reservations are on a first come, first served basis (in order of participant sign up), and registrants must submit a completed Pre-Ride Health Screening to complete their ride reservation (this will be emailed to them after they register). There are only limited tricycles available for each session, so sign up to reserve your trike now.

 * Senior trike registration closes 24 hours before the ride date.

Cancellation / No-Show Fee:

For cancellations/no-shows with less than 24 hours notice there will be a $20.00 cancellation/no-show fee for costs incurred. If you cannot attend your scheduled workshop, please contact HBL’s Adult Education Manager at or text/call (808) 457-5401 as soon as possible. Because our Senior Rides have limited trikes, no-shows and late cancellations deprive someone else from the opportunity to participate. As a small nonprofit trying to change the world one person at a time, we appreciate your understanding!

Book Your Private Trike Outing:

Want to book a private trike outing for you & your friends/organization?

Private trike rides are available on request.

Click the button to schedule a date.

Sponsor a Trike!

This program is put on by the Hawaii Bicycling League, a local nonprofit that strives to make cycling accessible for all. This program costs upwards of $10,000 annually to operate (storage fees, trike upkeep & cleaning, personnel costs, equipment maintenance, etc.). While we offer the option for seniors to ride for free, we absolutely appreciate and welcome any donations before, during, or after your ride. 

If you are interested in helping support & give low-income kūpuna the opportunity to ride for free, please consider making a charitable donation at to keep this program running. All donations are tax-deductible (EIN: 99-0250682). 

The suggested donation for a senior to ride is $40.

One year of trike riding costs HBL $480.

If your company would like to sponsor this program, please contact Malia Harunaga, at or by calling HBL at (808) 735-5756.

Senior Ride FAQs:

Yes, absolutely! You don’t have to have ridden a bike before to enjoy our trikes & the benefits cycling offers. The trike’s three-wheels do the balancing for you and keep you upright as you pedal along, feeling the wind in your hair! Make sure to start with an Orientation Ride if this is your first time riding – your trained, helpful, and patient Ride Leader will go over everything you need to know to get rolling safely & having fun on our trikes.

The trikes we have are called Sun EZ-Tri Classic SX Recumbents (delta configuration) and can accommodate an individual up to 300lbs. These were purchased on-island from Eki Cyclery for about $1,200.

At each Golden Gears Ride, we take the time to fit each trike to the individual riding it so that they are set up for the most comfortable & enjoyable ride they can have! We even provide foam backrests for those on the shorter-size spectrum to ensure maximum control & comfort. We’ve had trike-riders ride comfortably from heights of 4’10” to 6’2”. We understand that each body is different, so if you have any concerns or questions about any physical restrictions you may have, please contact HBL (Malia at or 808-735-5756) in advance and we’re happy to help. 

HBL’s Golden Gears Triking Program utilizes O‘ahu’s car-free, bike paths where you can escape the noise & chaos of traffic and roll along, uninterrupted by traffic lights and cars. The Orientation Rides occur entirely on a car-free multi-use path, where motor vehicles are NOT permitted, so you can focus on enjoying the ride instead of interacting with traffic.

Beginner Trike Rides are conducted almost entirely on the Pearl Harbor Bike Path (again, no cars), and may have 1-2 small road crossings, which your Ride Leader will make sure to facilitate everyone’s safe crossing.

Advanced Trike Rides ride on the Pearl Harbor Bike Path but will have some sections of on-street riding where you may be trike-ing on the same road with cars.

Anyone that is 50 years of age or better is welcome to register for a trike ride. This program is funded through an Adult Bicycle education grant from the City & County of Honolulu, Department of Transportation Services. We love seeing kūpuna out there, having the time of their lives rediscovering their childhood and we firmly believe you’re never too old to get cycling!

The distance you trike at any particular trike ride will be determined by the duration of time, and pace of the group as a whole. We’ve given estimates of how far we think you’ll go for each type of ride, but ultimately the distance will vary from ride to ride depending on your fellow trikers.

Your Ride Leader will lead the group along the bike path, and set the pace which will always go the speed of the slowest rider so no matter a person’s pace or abilities, there is no chance for anyone to get left behind. It is very important that those riding in our Senior Rides never go faster than they feel in control of, so we’ll NEVER rush or push someone past their comfort-level.

You don’t have to worry about you having to fix it – we’ve got built-in “bike-path roadside coverage” for you in the shape of your Ride Leader 🙂 All of our Ride Instructors are League Cycling Instructors, certified nationally by the League of American Bicyclists, and are trained to lead a group safely in traffic as well as be able to take care of mechanical problems. If you are bringing your own bicycle/tricycle, we do require you to bring with you on the ride your own flat repair tools for your bicycle. If you don’t know what tools to bring, or are unable to, please contact Malia at and we can help you out! 

There is NO fee to participate. Our Senior Cycling program is free for those 50 years of age and above! This is made possible through a C&C grant and conducted by the Hawaii Bicycling League, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit whose mission is to enable more people to ride for health, recreation, and transportation through advocacy, education, and events. While the trikes are being provided for ūupuna for no cost, if you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to HBL, we would humbly accept any cash/check (made out to “Hawaii Bicycling League”) to help support our advocacy & education efforts in pushing for safer streets in Hawai‘i. FEIN: 99-0250682.


Please contact HBL’s Director of Adult Education, Malia Harunaga, ASAP by calling her cell at (808) 457-5401 or emailing We only have so many trikes to use per Senior Ride, thus last minute cancellations can deprive someone else from the opportunity to enjoy the trikes. This is why we ask you to double check your calendar & make sure your schedule is clear to attend the Senior Ride you’re signing up for. We thank you for your understanding and aloha towards others!