Info for Bicyclists

A breadth of resources compiled for you.


Did you know, your bicycle must be registered to be ridden on public streets on O‘ahu! Check out our handy guide on how to register your bicycle (new/used) & make sure your ride is street legal.


Just like cyclists have rights to ride on the road, they also have rules to follow. Make sure you know what those responsibilities are, so we can all share the road safely. Follow the law, respect yourself and others, and ride with aloha!


Check out where all the bicycle infrastructure is on the island of O‘ahu. HBL’s bike map details other roads & ranks how bike-friendly they are so you can plan your next ride based on your specific cycling comfort level!

Candidate Questionnaire Responses 2022

Learn what candidates think about investing in more bicycle infrastructure in Hawaii. HBL sent the questionnaire to every candidate running in Hawaii.

New Laws Related to Bikes in Hawai‘i

Find out what new laws have been passed in the state of Hawai‘i and for Honolulu City & County.

HON 311

On a City street and see something that needs to be addressed? Whether it’s reporting a pothole, broken streetlight, illegal dumping, or overgrown roadway, this free smartphone app from the C&C of Honolulu gives you the power to enact change by alerting the City what & where the issue is, and actually getting it fixed.


Potholes are dangerous to roadway users but seem to pop up everywhere in Hawai‘i. Help the City & County of Honolulu get them filled by reporting any bad potholes you see using this Report Form or calling the Pothole Hotline directly.


Do you have a bicycle you would like to donate? Great, we’re all about “recycling”! Find out where your bicycle donation would be most appreciated.

Bike Plans

The city and state have created plans that outline future bike projects. Find the City Bike Plan here and the State Bike Plan here.


New to the island & looking to ride a bicycle? Make sure to take a look at our picture-rich guide of safe riding tips & etiquette (for locals & visitors alike!) before you get riding.

島が初めてで、自転車に乗りたいですか? 乗る前に、安全な乗車のヒントとエチケット(地元の人にも観光客にも!)の写真が豊富なガイドを必ずご覧ください。