Oahu bike paths and lanes need more maintenance


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Oahu bike lanes and paths need more maintenance


Maintenance of bike lanes and paths is extremely lacking on Oahu, to the point where some are too dangerous to bike and walk on. The Pearl Harbor Bike Path is the most in need of attention according to HBL members. They often say it is in such disrepair that it is unusable. The asphalt is cracked, there are potholes, roots pushing up, trash all over, lack of good lighting, etc. People report falling and getting injured. It is a liability to the city.

Ke Ala Pupukea Bike Path and Lei of Parks Bike Path also have similar issues. I request that these bike paths be reconstructed and the PHBP patched. Ensure the paths are up to code, wider than they are currently, and consist of continuous concrete material so as to ensure it doesn't break up. This will accommodate the increased population and decrease the need to continually patch it, which will save money in the long run. We ask for a budget and a regular schedule set for maintenance.

King Street, Pensacola Street, and Ward Ave, also need attention. They need more solid and secure delineators. The current ones do hardly anything to prevent a car from entering the bike lane. We need real protection, and infrastructure that doesn't have to be maintained so often. Round Top Rd and Bertania Street also need to be repaved.

I appreciate your work to improve the bike environment on Oahu.


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