Bike Ed

Teaching bike safety to 4th graders since 1989.


BikeEd teaches bike safety to 4th Graders.

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Check out our new “Introduction to BikeEd” class that is being offered virtually through Google Meet or your preferred video platform.

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About the BikeEd Program

The BikeEd Program started in 1989 and has reached over 100,000 fourth graders on Oahu. The five-day program teaches students how to ride a bicycle, basic cycling safety, and laws of the road. Our target audience is 4th grade public school students on Oahu and is open to public charter and private schools.

The program is normally one week long and runs from Monday to Friday between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. (not including school holidays). We provide 30 bicycles, 30 helmets, 30 safety vests, and skilled HBL certified BikeEd Instructors! (Minimum of 10 students in a class). We can accommodate up to 180 students per school week. Our bikes are 20″ BMX style bikes suited for children that are 3′ 6″ to 5′ tall. On-Campus Drill Area Requirements: A 150′ x 150′ area (or a full basketball court), 1 to 6, 45 min blocks of time. Our program is designed to be completed in five days and we can accommodate your school’s rotating schedule if necessary. All participants must have a parent or guardian sign a Waiver Form prior to traveling off-campus. Possession of a bike helmet is highly recommended, but not required. Advance booking is required 6 to 8 months in advance. Cancellations do occur. There is no cost for this program. BikeEd Hawaii is funded by the City & County of Honolulu Department of Transportation Services.

BikeEd Curriculum

Subject to change in light of Covid-19. Contact for further details or discuss other options.

  • Monday Classroom Presentation: The instructors will go over rules, expectations, visibility, why it’s important to wear a helmet, proper helmet fitting, the anatomy of a bicycle, and what the BikeEd week will be like everyday: SAFE & FUN
  • Tuesday & Wednesday On-campus Workshop: 6-point safety check, how to ride a bicycle, bicycle handling and control drills, and proper stopping
  • Thursday & Friday Off-Campus Workshop: BikeEd Instructors lead students who can ride safely on a neighborhood ride. Those still practicing can stay on campus to continue practicing. On the off campus ride, instructors cover safe driveway exits, left turns, right turns, and u-turns


How Do I Get Involved?

  • Contact your child’s teacher to volunteer during BikeEd week
  • Buy your child a bicycle and helmet from a local bike shop
  • Ride with your child at least 30 hours in the next 6 months
  • Organize other bike rides at your child’s school
  • Become an HBL member today

For more information please call our office at 808-735-5756

Keiki Learn to Ride

Does your child own a bicycle and not know how to use it without training wheels? Our Keiki Learn to Ride classes is a great way to change that. We practice the two-foot push method to work on balance and then graduate on to pedaling. Private lessons are available upon request, cost and location is to be decided by the instructor.

Learn to ride a bike — today!