Mahalo to all of our riders, volunteers, and sponsors!

Next year's Hale‘iwa metric century and aloha fun ride
will be on April 27, 2025
Official Project M photos Are Live!


2024 HMC Jersey:

These NEWEST of the NEW cycling jerseys are available in Men’s and Women’s cut.

Available Sizes:

Women’s: 2XS, XS, SM, MD, LG, XL, 2XL 

Men’s: XS, SM, MD, LG, XL, 2XL, 3XL 

 PRIMAL Size Guide

Primal Wear, the company that has been making the HBL’s cycling jerseys for the past 5+ years, notes these are “Standard Fit” jerseys (AKA “club fit”). So, not super race-fit tight and more comfortable to ride and breathe in!

Important HMC Event Info:

Packet Pickup Dates:

FRIDAY, 4/26 🚲 12:00PM – 6:00PM

SATURDAY, 4/27 🚲 10:00AM – 4:00PM


404 Kapahulu Ave., Honolulu, HI 96815. Click here for Google Directions
There will be bicycle parking and vehicle parking on site. Packet Pickup will be located in the upstairs ballroom (on the 2nd floor), on the Diamond Head side.

Rider Packets will include:
• Your rider bib number
• Safety pins
• Event dry-fit shirt (if you opted for one)
• Rider Instructions
• Other helpful material

Additional Info:

• You are welcome to pick up packets for your friends and/or family.

• HBL Merchandise will be available for purchase
• HBL staff and volunteers will be on hand to answer your last-minute questions.
NOTE: If there is no way you can pick up your packet on the designated packet pickup dates, you may arrive early at the start of the ride to pick up your packet.  But please, try to pick up your packet on either Friday or Saturday!
If you register before March 10, 2024, you will receive a Hale‘iwa Metric Century dry-fit t-shirt in the size you selected at registration (Unisex, XS-3X). If you register late or on the day of the event, we may not have a t-shirt in your size, or perhaps not at all. We do not expect to have extra event t-shirts, but if any remain at the ride finish, they will be available for purchase.
For the shirt sizing chart, click here.
Note: Don’t want a shirt? You have the option to opt OUT of receiving a complimentary ride shirt.

2024 Hale‘iwa Metric Century Jerseys are available for preorder.

Jersey will be available for preorder through registration.
Available Sizes:
Womens: 2XS, XS, SM, MD, LG, XL, 2X
Mens: XS, SM, MD, LG, XL, 2XL, 3XL

Fundraise for HBL to better fund the Bike Ed Program, our workshops & educational classes, and our advocacy efforts. When you register you’ll have the ability to opt into creating a fundraiser page or you can create one by clicking this link! You will receive an email confirmation after signing up to activate your fundraising page.

Rewards will be announced soon!

Kaiaka Bay Beach Park is the Start/Finish location for the 2023 HBL Hale‘iwa Metric Century. We’ll have arranged for there to be plenty of free parking available there at the park. Parking will open at 5:45am. ALL CARS MUST BE OUT OF THE LOT BY 2:30PM (or risk being locked in!). It’s about a one-hour drive from Honolulu. Share a ride with a friend if you can, remember that all TheBuses are equipped with bike racks on the front. and, lastly, we offer a shuttle service from Kaka‘ako Waterfront Park to the start and back for $20.

Bringing your bike to the start line in good working order is really important.  It would be a shame to get there and not be able to ride because your bike isn’t working or is unsafe. Perhaps worse would be experiencing a mechanical issue that causes you to end your ride early. If you’re not positive your bike is in top shape, take it to your friendly local bike store for a quick tune-up.

Mechanical Support:

Local bike stores and partners BIKEFACTORY, Chillaxin’ Rides, Velohana, and The Bike Shop, will be volunteering their time to provide mechanical support at the designated Aid Stations. In addition, there will be mechanical support roving along the course for riders in need.


Ensure you + your bike are RIDE READY before the ride day:
Tires inflated to the correct PSI, chain lubed, no bike parts flying off as you ride. Get a nice meal and good night’s sleep so you are ready to enjoy the ride to the fullest with everyone! Feeling sick? Please STAY HOME and rest up, your bike and friends will still be there & happy to ride with you when you’re feeling better.
What to bring on ride day:
    • Functioning Bike
    • Helmet (required)
    • Your Rider Bib number (so you can get access to the Aid Stations!)
    • Water Bottle (or two)
    • Spare Tube / Patch Kit
    • Sun Protection (sunscreen, UV sun sleeves, shades, etc.)
    • Money for lunch at the park or a snack along the ride
    • ID / Medical Card in case of emergency

Other items that might be handy to have include camera, phone, (with plastic bag for protection from possible moisture) and snacks. 

Ride with Aloha: Please follow all traffic laws, signs, and signals, plus any requests from the HPD special duty officers on course. Please ride single file (this is law in Hawai‘i) and to the right of the lane. In many situations the shoulder has sand or gravel. Please signal to the riders/drivers behind you when merging into the travel lane. Hawaii HRS291C-145 allows a cyclist to control the whole lane when it’s too narrow for a car and a bike to share the lane as well as to avoid hazards. For more info on the laws, please visit our Bike Laws page. Please report aggressive / dangerous drivers to HPD by calling 911.

Pass with Care: When passing a rider, please make sure it is clear to do so, then pass on the left. Be sure to signal visually (for riders and drivers behind) and vocally, “passing on your left” for rider ahead.

frequently asked questions:

Road bikes, mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, cruisers, tandems, pedal-assist e-bikes–all bicycles that can be operated safely can be ridden.  Make sure your bike is in good operating order.
Make sure your bike fits you. The biggest problem facing most cyclists is bike fit. Nearly all cyclists need some sort of adjustment to their bikes in order to achieve maximum performance. So, maybe take your bike in to your local bike store to have it professionally fitted.

HMC, like most HBL events, is a fundraising RIDE, not a race. In other words, you can choose to go how far you want to ride at the pace you’re most comfortable!

If you’re not positive that you bike is in top shape, take it to your friendly local bike store for a quick tune-up. At many shops, no appointment is necessary and the tune-up should take a relatively short amount of time. However, it’s polite to call and ask before showing up with your bike. Make Sure Your Bike Fits You – The biggest problem facing most cyclists is bike fit. Nearly all cyclists need some sort of adjustment to their bikes in order to achieve maximum performance. And while you may feel comfortable at first, as your body adapts, your bike may need readjustment. An improperly fit bike can cause an uncomfortable riding experience or even injury. If your knees hurt, chances are you are riding an improperly adjusted bike. Take your bike in to your local bike store to have it professionally fitted.

Bicyclists age 18 and above must register and accept the ride waiver.
Minors under age 18 must register and have parental consent to the waiver.
Adults with children in carriers or trailers assume all responsibility. These children do not need to register, and will not get a packet nor t-shirt.  But, they will get lots of smiles!

Know your limits and pace yourself.  The entire course is 62 miles (100K) and there is typically a headwind on the way to Hau‘ula.  If you tire, there is no shame in biking a shorter distance than you planned.  If it is determined you will not make the course cut-off time of 2pm, you will be asked to turn around and return to the Start/Finish.  We advise some biking beforehand to get ready.  Join some friends and work up your mileage weekly.  We have a list and a calendar of local group rides and events if you’re looking for opportunities to ride or new riding buddies. You do not need to bike 62 miles all in one day before the ride, but you should build your strength and experience and endurance to fully enjoy the day!


Project M, HBL’s event photographers, will send an email out to all participants when photos are ready.

Click here for official Photos!

The event is not only a community ride that celebrates cycling as a fun & healthy activity and brings more awareness to bicycling safety, but ultimately is a fundraising event for HBL. Expenses are incurred before the ride takes place. For that reason, no deferrals or refunds will be processed.

Mahalo to 2024's Hale‘iwa Metric Century Sponsors

Mahalo TO 2024's HALE‘IWA METRIC CENTURY mechanical & COurse support!

Mahalo TO 2024's HALE‘IWA METRIC CENTURY community support!