Comfortable Streets For All

The more comfortable the street environment, the more likely people will walk and bike to get around, benefiting the individual and surrounding community. Fast traffic that’s rushing by, a foot away, makes vulnerable road users unsafe. Vehicles that are loud and expel smelly exhaust, create an uncomfortable space for those not enclosed in a vehicle.

Studies have shown that traffic noise decreases work performance; and increases depression, anxiety, and diseases. (

Cars, motorcycles and scooters that have likely had their exhausts modified to make them loud and more polluting must be regulated. Some say they need to be loud to be heard and seen on the streets, but this has been debunked by studies. Also, removing the muffler doesn’t increase the motorcycle’s performance, instead, it can damage the engine components. (

Other cities are now installing devices that automatically register the license plate if they sense the vehicle’s noise level goes beyond a certain decibel range. These need to be installed on Oahu. 
Regulating these vehicles will make our air cleaner, and our population happier and healthier. It’s way past time to stop the loud vehicles, and create livable public spaces.
To send an email to all the Council Members and The Mayor, click below. Copy and paste some of the points above and use the resources below. It has more impact if you put it in your own words. To send a message to the City and County of Honolulu Police Department click here.

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