John B. Kelley

The John B. Kelley Endowment Fund and John B. Kelley Haleiwa Metric Century Ride are named after John B. Kelley, past HBL President and HBL Life Member who passed away on May 24, 2006. In 2007, the Haleiwa Metric Ride was dedicated to his tireless efforts, his passion for the Hawaii Bicycling League, and cycling.

John became involved in HBL in the mid 1990’s, after being introduced to the sport by his son Rob. John’s passion and energy for cycling grew to a desire to support and promote a safer and more enjoyable bicycling environment in Hawaii for anyone, racer or recreational rider. John served on HBL’s Board of Directors becoming, President, Past President and then Vice President where he brought strong business and financial experience as well as leadership skills, to the Board. John was instrumental in keeping the Hawaii Bicycling League solvent during a period of difficulty and was invaluable in strengthening HBL’s financial position and programmatic initiatives for the future.

Through these many years John served not only in various positions on the Board, but he was also a volunteer extraordinaire. John committed countless hours to setting up the Honolulu Century Rides and Haleiwa Metric Century Rides, not too mention, numerous advocacy related events, like the Mayor’s Advisory Committee on Bicycling. John was also a Lifetime Member of the Hawaii Bicycling League and a donor.

It is our hope in dedicating the Haleiwa Metric Century to John that we can also provide an opportunity to educate all involved on glioblastoma, the most aggressive form of brain cancer, that took John’s life. In 2004, John established the endowment fund with a $1,000 gift to support the Hawaii Bicycling League. It was his goal to ensure the financial stability of the Hawaii Bicycling League.

In the June-August 2004 Spoke-N-Words newsletter, John shared his intention that “the principal will remain intact in perpetuity and the earnings from that principal will support cycling here forever.” John was especially concerned that HBL create substantial assets so as to be able to carry out its mission. John desired to see HBL grow its membership and provide quality programs, initiatives, and events that would make Hawaii a safer and more enjoyable bicycling environment. He understood that as HBL’s membership grows and the need for safe cycling continues to increase that “we (HBL) need to have a structure in place to foster and handle potential larger gifts- in effect, this endowment.”

The Hawaii Bicycling League appreciates your support of John’s dream and desire to ensure the long term financial health and prosperity of the organization. With your support, the Hawaii Bicycling League will continue to advocate and educate on the importance of safe bicycling, and bicycling as a means of transportation while providing multiple opportunities to bring people together for fun and fitness with our rides and events.