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HBL offers weekly, monthly and annual rides on O‘ahu. Scroll down for a description or check out the calendar for dates.

Weekly Beginner Rides

Start the Week Off Right Monday Ride

Start the week off right with a bike ride! Everyone is welcome with sub-groups going out at different pace to meet the needs of all riders. No one is left behind with multiple ride leaders and meet up points to keep group together. Great ride to develop biking skills and learn how to ride in a group.

Where: Typically meets at Kahala Community Center (map), corner of Moa and Pahoa Streets.
When: Mondays, 9:00am-12:00pm (in Winter months starts at 8:30am)
Route: To Hawaii Kai Hills and sometimes Sandy Beach, stopping in Hawaii Kai Starbucks before returning. Tour of Kahala neighborhoods along outbound Kalanianaole Highway to Hawaii Kai to tackle a few hills and a stop at Starbucks at Koko Head Marina. Return along Kalanianaole Highway through inbound Kalanianaole Highway neighborhoods to start.
Distance: 15-20 miles, Pace/Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Ride Leader: John O’Keefe,, 808-780-4278.

Hawaii Kai Explorer

Join us for a ride every Thursday to explore the neighborhoods en route to Hawaii Kai including interesting East O`ahu sites.  Join Patricia Johnson for this weekly fun and social ride.  Flat terrain with frequent educational stops ie. Hawaii Kai Heiau and the gardens of Kamilo valley.

Where: Meets at Kahala Community Center (map), corner of Moa and Pahoa Streets.
When: Thursdays, 8:30am-11:00am
Route: Kahala Community Center to Hawai`i Kai neighborhoods.
Distance: 20-30 miles
Ride Leader: Patricia Johnson – 808.988.4633 or

Kailua Thursday Social Ride

A social ride starting in Kailua!  Average pace is between 15-16mph.

Where: Kailua District Park (map)
When: Thursdays, 5:00pm
Route: Winter Months – Through MCBH (Must have an ID) | Spring/Summer/Fall – To Makapu`u Lighthouse or Bellows Beach (Must have an ID)
Distance: 20 miles
Ride Leader: Melissa Ludwig – Facebook Group Page

808 Lowriders: Thursday Night Cruise

This cruise ride takes place on lowrider bikes every Thursday night from 9pm to 10pm. For more information, visit their Facebook page.

Where: Meets near Ward Center
When: Thursdays, 9:00pm-10:00pm

RIDE Kailua NO Drop Ride

“This ride travels all over the eastern side of the island generally in the 30-35 mile range, averaging 15-16 mph. There are 8-10 normal re-group locations since it is a no drop ride. The group normally gets coffee following the ride in Kailua.”

Where: Kailua Town (map)
When: Saturdays, 7:00am
Distance: 30 – 35 miles
Ride Leader: David Puentes- Facebook Group Page

Team Red – Red Riders Ride

“Red Riders are individuals who participate in the Tour de Cure (or the group rides) and have diabetes – Type 1 and Type 2. The purpose of Red Riders is to support everyone who lives with diabetes and showcase the courage it takes to live every day with this difficult disease. Being a Red Rider means you are not alone. Thousands of riders may share a similar story, and thousands more support the effort to live a healthier life.” Rides are normally a relaxed pace and provide a great way to get healthy by staying active with the support of friends. Ride speed 8-12 mph. Make sure to ride ready: water, sunscreen, gels, IDs, DL, Med. cards, etc. Please contact Doug if you will be riding.

Where: Typically Neal Blaisdell Park (map)
When: Saturdays, 7:30am-12:00pm
Distance: 10 miles
Ride Leader: Doug Park – 227-3115 or

Red Hot Lady Sunday Cruisers

The Red Hot Ladies started as a group trying to encourage women over 50 years of age to get out there and bike! They celebrated their 10th anniversary in 2017 and now have expanded to welcome everyone who loves to ride. They are an all-inclusive group that leaves no rider behind. Red Hot Lady Cruisers is for those getting back on the bike and wanting a safe, short ride. Pattie Dunn leads these rides on an as needed basis. Contact Pattie at if you will be riding with them and to get more information.

Where: Various start locations (email Pattie).
When: Sundays, 9:30am-1:00pm
Ride Leader: Pattie Dunn,


Weekly Intermediate Rides

Kailua 4 Brunch Ride

Join us for an amazing ride every Thursday to explore the south coast of Oahu by bike. Ride is customized by ride leaders based on weather and skill levels. No one left behind with multiple meet up points to keep group together. Many ride only to Makapu`u Lookout and return to the start for a shorter ride.
Full Ride lasts approximately 5 hours with stops.

Where: Typically meets at Kahala Community Center (map), corner of Moa and Pahoa Streets.
When: Thursdays, 8:30am-12:00pm (arrive at 8:15am).
Distance: 50 – 60 miles
General route: Kahala Comunity Center to Hawaii Kai, around Makapu`u through backroads of Waimanalo to Kailua for Brunch at Kalapawai Cafe. After a relaxing snack, return via Castle Hospital Junction, Old Kalaniana`ole Hwy, Waimanalo Backroads, Makapu`u Lookout, Hawaii Kai and return to Kahala Community Center. Outbound often includes Hanauma Bay to Sandy’s along the Ka `Iwi coast and tour of Bellows AFB.
Ride Leader: Patricia Johnson – 808.988.4633 or

Kailua 4 Brunch Ride – Version 2

Shorter version of Kailua 4 Brunch for those who want a shorter ride or want to miss the Honolulu traffic by traveling to Kailua by the H-3. Ride is customized by ride leaders based on weather and skill levels. No one left behind with multiple meet up points to keep group together. Brunch/snack at Kalapawai Cafe. Full Ride lasts approximately 3 hours with stops.

Where: Kailua Bike Shop at Hamakua Dr. and Kailua Rd. (map) (no parking for riders, find street parking in the neighborhood)
When: Thursdays, 8:30am-11:15am (arrive at 8:15am).
Distance: 30 miles
General route:Route begins in Kailua following the second half of Kailua 4 Brunch ride to Makapu`u to meet the main Kailua 4 Brunch group at Makapu`u via Castle Hospital Junction, Old Kalaniana`ole Hwy, and Waimanalo Backroads. Return to Kailua often includes tour of Bellows AFB.
Ride Leader: John O’Keefe,, 808-780-4278.

Red Hot Lady Roving Rides

Red Hot Lady Roving Rides are various lengths, but are all about having a great time riding with friends and exploring the island and its beautiful scenery! This is an all-inclusive, no-drop recreational ride with a moderate 12-16 mph pace. Get on the Red Hot Ladies emailing list at to get all the updates for the weekly rides!

Where: Various start locations.
When: Sundays, 8:30am-12:00pm
Distance: 20-50miles
Ride Leader: Patricia Johnson – 808.988.4633 or

A note on the Red Hot Ladies:

RHL Statement

“The Red Hot Ladies bicycling club was formed by Patricia Johnson & Pattie Dunn with the expressed goal of encouraging women 50+ to get back into bicycling and start enjoying the freedom of being on two wheels.   Over the last decade our community of riders has expanded to include younger women as well as men.  As Red Hot Ladies we strive to be humble, kind, courteous and inclusive not only as bicycle ambassadors but in our daily lives.”


Weekly Advanced Rides

Tuesday Night Throwdown @ Hawaii Triathlon Center

“Ride goes out from HTC to the backroads of Waimanalo (about a 6 mile warmup) then we hit the ladders where we do 7-8 hard effort sprints between .3-.5 miles each (12 miles) we regroup following each hard effort, then we head back into town (about a 6 mile cooldown). The overall speed of the ride is 16-17 mph but the sprints routinely exceed 24mph.”

Where: Hawaii Triathlon Center (map)
When: Tuesdays, 5:00pm
Route: HTC to the backroads of Waimanalo.
Distance: 20 – 25 miles
Ride Leader: Joshua Ludwig – Facebook Group Page

Sunday Morning Coffee Jam

“Welcome to Sunday Morning Coffee Jam. We are a group of Cyclist from all parts of Oahu who meet every Sunday at Kapolei Chili’s parking lot around 7:00am and rollout no later than 7:15am. The end location for the SMCJ rides are now at Kalapawai Market at Kapolei.” This remains a fast social group, no drop ride, so all ability levels are welcome. Click HERE for the standard ride route. Routes may change without prior notice the morning of the ride but for the most part this would be our standard route. For more information, go to their Facebook page.

Where: Kapolei Chili’s (map)
When: Sundays, meet at 7:00am, rollout at 7:15am (updated Sept. 2021)
Route: Click here for the standard ride route (updated May 2018)
Ride Leader: Litoray Olaes – (702)769-4483 or

Tradewind Cycling Team

“The Tradewind Cycling Team offers a year round riding calendar with a wide range of routes. Every Saturday, we meet in various locations around Oahu, and occasionally the neighbouring Islands, for some great training rides.

Rides typically average around 60 miles and 4 hours in duration, but the rides are planned in advance to focus on training for upcoming races. So, when that 10,000 foot race to the top of Haleakala looms on the horizon, our rides contain a bit more climbing, and as the 112 mile race around Oahu approaches, we ride longer and at a more brisk pace. The idea is that consistently participating in the weekly rides contributes to the preparation of a rider for the races ahead.” Read more at



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