SUN, Sept 26, 2021

6:00 am - 6:00 pm

HBL's 2021 Century Challenge

We know you want to do the Honolulu Century Ride, and we do too! But, we have to do what’s right for all as we transition in/out of COVID safety measures.

With the absence of a traditional Honolulu Century Ride, we created HBL’s 2021 Century Challenge for Sunday, September 26th. A fun 1-day event with new  and modified types of support (Ride with GPS and Refuel Stations listed below), ride and competitive challenges (listed below) and the opportunity for you to set your distance goal 100 miles, or 50 or 25 miles—whatever your personal goal. You choose your own route, and where to ride. We’ll be providing special on road support for O‘ahu riders.

We’ve set registration fees really low. Roads will be open, that means NO official start or finish lines, no cones and no police. We know many of you want to ride the Honolulu Century Ride route, which you can, but we won’t be there with the fanfare, escorts/marshals, support and volunteers you found in the past. We will have 6 refuel stations on O‘ahu to help riders with refreshments.

We have built this to be YOUR Century Challenge. You ride when you want anytime during the official ride period (Sept 26th from 6am – 6pm in your time zone), you choose how long you ride (this is not a timed ride or a race), you choose your distance (any increment of a century (100 miles) that is a comfortable distance for you) and you choose your route – you determine where you start and finish your ride and any stops in between. 

Click here for RIDER INSTRUCTIONS (printable version).

  • No matter your age and biking experience. You choose your personal distance goal and set your century challenge distance to ride anytime from 6:00 am – 6:00 pm Sunday, Sept 26th.


  • Bike a Quarter Century (25 miles) most riders can complete in a couple hours. Consider modifying your Sunday workout and join HBL’s Century Challenge


  • Bike a Half Century (50 miles) not a distance to take lightly but call your ride buddies, set a ride route and maybe a nice celebratory brunch afterwards. Always fun to ride with friends and hey ~ you deserve it!


  • And for the truly inspired with the ultimate ride plan, a Full Century (100 miles). An average cyclist who trains at the 70 mile distance can finish a century ride in 7-8 hour. Ride times will always vary based on your skill level and how much time you spend off the bike during the course of the ride so be sure to plan for all elements.

Registered Riders Receive:

    • HBL 36″x12″ microfiber towel 
    • Century Challenge Rider Bib and Wristband
    • Exclusive access to 5 Refuel Stations on O‘ahu (including Swanzy Beach) 
    • Special Free Ride with GPS routes
    • Digital Customized Finisher Certificate
    • *Mailed Rider Packet when you register BEFORE 9/15/21 
    • *Register after 9/15/21 and you’ll need to pick up your packet on  Saturday, Sept 25th or Ride Day morning.


Register BEFORE 9/15/21 ~ No pickup hassle, we’ll mail to the address you provided in registration at no cost so you’ll have in hand before 9/25/21

Register AFTER 9/15/21 ~ You can register and/or pick up your rider packet SAT 9/25/21 from 10am – 2pm. DRIVE BY for a QUICK PICKUP at The Bike Shop ‘AIEA. Click here for Google Map directions. The Bike Shop will be open for any last minute items. You can also look for HBL at the Kapiolani Park Bandstand Parking Lot Ride Day morning. Packets will not be mailed to no-show riders. If you are unable to pick up, please send someone to pick up for you.

Registration only $35

If you are unable to process your registration via HBL online form – email

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you can use your 10% member discount when you register


2021 HBL Refuel Stations

**Updated 9/17/21** HBL is committed to the health and safety of our community, riders, volunteers and staff. We will follow all government regulations and guidelines on ride day and take all precautions to help make sure that our support is safe in preventing the spread of COVID-19. HBL Refuel Stations do not guarantee the resources of a medical professional nor a skilled mechanic. Always ride responsibly and make sure you are prepared for mechanical and technical challenges and carry your own tubes and tools. The type of support available to riders at each HBL Refuel Station may vary. Always bring appropriate nutrition and fluids for your ride plan and physical needs. We are attempting to locate where there are comfort stations, but please expect to need to find facilities on your own.

HBL Refuel Stations

HBL will provide refreshments at refuel stations, but not medical nor mechanical support. Each station will have ice cold water and gatorade, self serve snacks, and volunteer support. 

Not all locations are near public restrooms, so please plan accordingly! 

Competitive Challenges

Rider Challenge Category is declared when you register (ex., Type of Bike: Pedal versus Pedal-Assist). Team Name must also be submitted at time of Registration. Total Distance and Elevation is submitted by rider anytime on Sunday, September 26th to deadline Monday 11:59pm (HST), September 27, 2021. HBL will request verification from the Top 3 riders in each category to verify and determine winner. Hill Climb Challenge has additional requirements listed here and verification via Strava. Official event ride period is 6:00am - 6:00pm in the time zone you are riding. Winners will be announced by email and posted online.

RIDE Challenge Categories

  • Most Miles Ridden 6am-6pm (Male and Female Age Divisions) – Pedal
  • Most Miles Ridden 6am-6pm (Male and Female Division) Pedal Assist
  • Most Total Elevation Ridden 6am-6pm (Male and Female Division) Pedal
  • Team with the Most Registered Riders (All = Pedal + Pedal Assist)
  • Team with the Highest Average Miles Ridden – Pedal
  • Team with the Highest Average Miles Ridden (All = Pedal + Pedal Assist)
  • Hill Climb Challenges- Kamehame Drive (verified by Strava) Pedal
      • Most Times to Summit 6am – 6pm (Male and Female)
      • Fastest Time to Summit (Male and Female) unlimited attempts 

Hill Climb Challenges (PEDAL)

  • Most Times to Summit 6am – 6pm
  • Fastest Time to Summit (unlimited attempts)

See the Kamehame Drive Hill Climb Segment on Strava. You will choose the shorter distance (0.96 mi) with a 9% average gradient which starts at the bottom of Kamehame Drive from Maunanani St. Summit does not go thru the gate (Google image).

Use the button above only when you have finished your HBL Century Challenge riding (on 9/26/21).

**Email with questions and request for clarification.

Official Ride Challenge rules and details will always be posted here on this page