Group rides are a great way to meet new people, connect with old friends, find new routes and places to ride, and introduce others to the joy of cycling. Being a Ride Leader is great fun, but also comes with a lot of responsibility. Through HBL’s Ride Leader Certification Program we will make sure you are equipped to handle any group ride and lead it with confidence and certainty.


To be a HBL certified Ride Leader, you will need to complete the following:

1Ride Leader Training session – This training is meant to bring standardization to group riding procedures that focuses on safety as well as fun. The upcoming Ride Leader Training is roughly 90 minutes in duration and will be conducted virtually via Zoom at 5:45pm on March 14 (TUE). We will discuss what it means to be a Ride Leader, best practices on route planning, crash protocols, and more.

2. Road Cycling Skills workshop – This on-bike workshop covers group riding skills, cyclists rules & responsibilities, helmet & bike fit, teaches you how to do hazard avoidance maneuvers, and more. (Sign by clicking HERE)

3. Basic Bike Maintenance workshop – This hands-on workshop goes over how to fix a flat with ease, equipment safety checks, and how to perform general maintenance on your bike. (Sign by clicking HERE)


Extra points:

Once you complete all Ride Leader requirements HBL will formally present you your certification! This should be renewed annually.

Take a look at the current list of group rides at

What are the perks of being a formal Ride Leader?

1 – Ride Leaders leading an HBL-affiliated group ride (RHL Roving Ride, Start Off the Week Right ride, etc.) are covered by HBL’s insurance.

2 – People riding under your leadership must call you Leader and listen to you. Think about the power you’ll have!

3 – You get the satisfaction and inexplainable joy of knowing that you are helping people get riding, get active, and enjoy Hawai‘i (by two-wheels)!

Ride Leader Resources:

Email HBL’s Adult Education Manager at for more information.