Support HBL and ride with aloha in a new kit. Preorder store is LIVE and will close on 12/8/22.

If “drop ship” is selected, your order will be shipped directly to you FEBRUARY 2nd, 2023.


The preorder store will have the best prices for these items so don’t miss out on these deals!

For 2023 we’re offering:

  • Cycling Sport Cut Jersey (sizes from XS to 5XL)

  • Mountain Bike Jersey (sizes from XS to 5XL)

  • Bibs (sizes from XS to 3XL)

  • Caps

  • Gloves (sizes from XS to XL)

Bibs and Mountain Bike Jerseys available ONLY during PREORDER.


Caps are One Size Fits All and will look good with matching gloves.


Bibs and Mountain Bike Jerseys will be available during PREORDER ONLY.

Don’t miss out on having a matching kit or a riding in style on the trials.


Order Deadline: 12/16/2022.

Estimated ship date: 2/02/2023.

Fit guides and sizing charts are available on the individual item’s pages. Primal’s Customer Service page is available for assistance. You can also email if you have any questions.


Bulk shipping is FREE and will ship your items to the HBL office with the bulk order we will be doing and will be available for PICK UP at our office at:

3442 Waialae Avenue, Suite 1

Honolulu, Hawaii 96816


Or you can choose to pay $20 for shipping direct to you.



P.S. We launched a new web store for all of our HBL merch. You can find all of our jerseys, stickers, shirts, and other HBL swag HERE!