THE 2023 OAHU HILL CLIMB CHALLENGE (OHCC)_ January 1st - February 28th, 2023 

OHCC: 8-Climbs in 8-weeks, can you do it? Segments include: Tantalus, Round Top, Pineapple, Pupukea, Sierra, Auloa, Pacific Palisades, and Nuuanu Pali Drive


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* Register at to give permission to harvest your times on these (8) segments 

  • Ride these Oahu Hill Climb Challenge segments
  • Go back and ride them as many times as you want

* Your best time will be shown on the leaderboard and will be updated every time you post a better time 


  • Ride Safely at all times and follow traffic control laws
  • This is not a race, this is a virtual challenge, there are no prizes, no categories and no start times, just do it when you like 
  • We designed the segments to be all uphill to create challenging and hassle- free courses 
  • Share the road safely with other riders, pedestrians and other vehicles 
  • Be especially cautious coming down these hills after riding the segment, watch for driveways and cross-traffic – we’re going through a lot of neighborhoods, check your speed and avoid a crash


* Tell your friends 

* Send it out on your social media accounts 

* Get your riding buddies & team mates to go do the segments with you – to push you faster 

  • Ride hard, better your times, have fun and be safe! 


1. Auloa Road 

o 326’ of climbing
o 1.3 miles
o Maunawili, off Pali Highway on the right when going to Kailua from town 

2. Nuuanu Pali Drive 

o 499’ of climbing
o 1.8 miles
o Nuuanu, the Old Pali Road, off Pali Highway through the neighborhood 

3. Pacific Palisades 

o 732’ of climbing
o 2.5 miles
o Pearl City, from the “dip” to end of Komo Mai via Aumakua 

4. Pineapple Hill 

o 892’ of climbing
o 4.7 miles
o Haleiwa towards Wahiawa on Kamehameha Highway 

5. Pupukea Road 

o 939’ of climbing,
o 2.9 miles
o North Shore, from behind Pupukea Foodland towards Boy Scout Camp 

6. Round Top – to the Manoa Cliffs Trail Head

o 1,120’ of climbing
o 4.3 miles
o Honolulu, the right side of the loop past the lookouts up to the landslide roadblock

7. Sierra Drive 

o 738’ of climbing
o 2.2 miles
o Kaimuki, the heights mauka of the top of Waialae through the neighborhood 

8. Tantalus 

o 1,332’ of climbing
o 4.4 miles
o Honolulu, the left side of the loop 

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