Sharing Fond Memories of a Centennial gone by-

By Ali Kessner, McCully Bicycle & Sporting Goods

In celebration of 100 years in business, McCully Bicycle, shares the legacy of G. Takayesu Bicycle Shop, founded by grandfather, Giyei Takayesu, in Waipahu, back in 1923– The bicycle shop was later expanded and rebuilt as Waipahu Bicycle, by son, Buster Takayesu, whom many have fond memories as having been one of the “Best Salesman” ever!

He was passionate about selling and offering customers ‘a good deal’, you could not leave the store without buying something!! McCully Bicycle then evolved when son, Ben Takayesu opened a bicycle shop in the town area.

The success of a small, family business that has thrived through four generations, is attributed to the support and patronage of the local community.

As challenging as it is, all of our customers try to ‘shop local’ and we are truly grateful and appreciative of the effort.

A belated, instore celebration is slated for the last Saturday in September, with special sales, bike raffles, and ‘Share a Memory’ with the chance to win a Gift Certificate. We always encourage customers to email any fond memories to : or tag mccully_bicycle_centennial on Instagram.