The LCI training seminar focuses on teaching and demonstration techniques used with future students both on the road and in the classroom. The seminar emphasis is on how to teach bicycle safety and skills so as to provide increased comfort and confidence for new and returning bicyclists and youth. The seminar does not emphasize the content or specific details of the cycling course curricula. It is primarily about teaching, and each candidate will have opportunities during the seminar to practice facilitating parts of the Smart Cycling curriculum, both in the classroom and in the parking lot. The seminar is normally one evening and two full days. Generally, 1/3 of the time is on-bike, so students should be prepared to ride.

The registration fee is $500 (effective April 2020) and includes the seminar materials. Download the LCI Seminar Description – great for submitting to an employer or for a grant. 

Current HBL Members save $150. When registering, use code MEMBERCERT23 to apply discount.

Candidates who successfully complete the seminar are certified to teach the League’s Smart Cycling curriculum, have access to an abundance of teaching materials, and are covered under the League’s liability insurance. LCIs are also plugged into the national network of LCIs (over 3000) to discuss opportunities, challenges, and new resources.


League Cycling Instructors (LCIs) are ambassadors for better biking through education. After earning certification through a 3-day, League Coach-led seminar, LCIs teach Smart Cycling classes to children as well as adults. Their goal is to help people feel more secure about riding by educating cyclists and motorists and to ensure that people on bikes know how to ride safely and legally.


1. Complete & pass the Smart Cycling Course. 

  • People interested in registering for an LCI seminar must first successfully pass (85% or higher) the Smart Cycling Complete Course (formerly called Traffic Skills 101).
  • Remember the Complete class consists of classroom instruction and on-bike handling skills.

2. Register for a LCI Seminar

  • Check out the seminar schedule to find a seminar near you. 
  • This is a 3-day seminar and will require about 3 hours of preparation prior to the course
  • Registration closes 3 weeks from the class start date. 

3. Attend all 3 days of the seminar

  • This is an intense 3 days learning about how to teach the Smart Cycling curriculum
  • All candidates must attend the entire seminar
  • Registration does not guarantee certification, but everyone comes away with increased knowledge of bicycle safety instruction and will eventually be certified if you put in the effort and time. 

+Smart Cycling Course Completion

Registration for the next available Smart Cycling Course on May 14th (SUN) at the Mānoa Public Library IS INCLUDED when you register for the 2023 LCI Seminar. Completing the 8:30am-4:30pm Smart Cycling course, which consists of classroom instruction and on-bike handling skills, fulfills your prerequisites to attend the LCI seminar.

Helpful FAQs:

If you are an experienced and knowledgeable bicyclist with a desire to make cycling safe and accessible for others, you are on the right track.

Completion of a Smart Cycling Complete course (formerly called Traffic Skills 101) is a prerequisite for attending a seminar. When you register for the LCI seminar, you will be automatically enrolled in the May 14th Smart Cycling Course. If you have already completed the entire Smart Cycling class with an LCI, you do not need to attend the May 14th Mānoa course.

After registrations, you will be required to take an open-book exam using the seminar materials. You will send the exam answers to your coach, who will use the exam results to help assess your bicycling knowledge and fine tune seminar activities accordingly. Your grade on your examination must be 85% or greater. Your coach will contact you if you score falls below 85% and provide counseling. Your coach is the final decision maker on your attendance in the seminar.

All LCIs are expected to be comfortable using a computer: steady email access is necessary prior to the seminar, there are electronic assignments that need to be completed, and many of the learning tools that are available for the Smart Cycling program are electronic.

As an LCI you are certified to teach the League’s Smart Cycling curriculum including:

  • Smart Cycling (formerly called Traffic Skills 101)
  • Group Riding
  • Bicycling 123 Youth
  • Bicycle Friendly Driver
  • LCIs are empowered to tailor curriculum components to suit their audience, all classes must incorporate the Need-to-Know.

Upon successful certification, LCIs are able to be paid to teach (roughly $50/workshop) HBL’s adult cycling classes, which are scheduled on a routine basis all over the island.

All participants of the LCI Seminar must successfully pass the Smart Cycling Complete class (formerly called Traffic Skills 101) with an 85% or better at least one month prior to attending an LCI seminarThere is no substitute to completing this requirement.

Regardless of riding experience, it is important that each candidate be a part of the curriculum prior to teaching it. Taking the class at least 1 month prior to the seminar, allows a candidate time to master the drills before facilitating them to others. The Complete class consists of a classroom component and an on-bike component. 

The next Smart Cycling course will be held on O‘ahu on May 14th (Sunday), from 8:30am-4:30pm at the Mānoa Public Library. Registration for this class is included with your LCI seminar registration.

All participants must be 18 or older, due to LAB’s insurance policy.

Nearly half of the seminar will be conducted on-bike. You will need to provide your own working-bicycle and helmet. It is highly recommended that you use a bike that you ride regularly and with which you are comfortable. For your safety and your classmates’ safety, the bike must be in good working order and have front and rear brakes. Class 2 (Throttled) e-bikes are not allowed.

All participants of a LCI seminar must be Family or Individual members of the League. This membership must be kept current in order to work as a LCI. Your registration fee for the Hawai‘i 2023 LCI Seminar includes an Individual-Level Membership with the League of American Bicyclists.

  • A subscription to American Bicyclist Magazine
  •  A League membership card

For current HBL members, use code MEMBERCERT23 to access the $350 registration rate (save $150!). Not a HBL member? Join today!

If you are a community partner of HBL (work in bicycle advocacy or at a local bike store), use the code provided to you or email Please note your organization/company when registering.

Needs-based scholarships will be offered for the June 9-11, 2023 LCI seminar. To apply, click here. Applications will be accepted until April 15th, 2023. Awardees will be contacted via email before April 30, 2023.

The League Cycling Instructor (LCI) Certification Seminar registration fee of $500 covers:

  • 23 hours of instruction, exercises and practice teaching both in the classroom and on the bike, usually during the course of a single weekend beginning on a Friday evening and ending on a Sunday afternoon
  • League Cycling Instructor Manual with curricula and support material for teaching classes to adults and children
  • One year of coverage under the League’s individual liability insurance for LCIs, renewable each year for the maintenance fee of $25
  • Access to the LCI Online Group where instructors discuss teaching issues and techniques
  • Listing in the League’s national website database of instructors
  • Online course postings on the League’s website
  • Individual-Level 1-year Membership with the League of American Bicyclists

Seminar preparation materials will be sent to you via email.  Become familiar with your seminar materials prior to starting the Assessment. Your seminar Coach will contact you with details on how to submit your assessment answers.

  • The Assessment is open-book, so you can use the study materials to complete it.  We expect students to complete it within 1- 3 hours.

A detailed Seminar agenda will come from your Site Facilitator or Seminar Coach. Please address specific questions about meals and breaks, lodging, equipment and other logistics to the Site Facilitator.  Questions about your registration or membership should go to

Deadlines for registration are set in order to help you get the Pre-Seminar materials in a timely way to allow plenty of time to fill out the Assessment and send it to your Seminar Coach. If you miss the deadline, contact the League. If registration is within 28 days of the seminar, there will be a $75 late fee.

Contact Malia at, or call HBL at (808) 735-5756.

The Seminar Coach may feel that you are not ready for certification at the time of your training. The Coach may recommend that you do remedial course work with a specific LCI or other instructor. Once that instructor helps you fill the specific remedial requirements, he or she will notify your Coach, who will notify the League, and you will be eligible for certification. A Coach may also recommend that you attend a future Seminar. In that event, you will be entitled to attend a future Seminar at no cost.

As a League Cycling Instructor, I accept the responsibilities and obligations inherent in providing quality instructor services. Basic to these ethical beliefs, I agree to abide by and support the following objectives:

I agree to:

TO CONDUCT myself in a professional and ethical manner, provide only services for which I am qualified, and represent my education, certification, professional affiliations and other qualifications honestly.

TO TEACH only those courses I am authorized to teach.

TO FOLLOW through on all classes assigned to me, including teaching the complete curriculumfor each League of American Bicyclists course or component, completing required records in a timely and accurate manner and providing appropriate League of American Bicyclists course certificates or other recognition to participants.

TO USE the League of American Bicyclists’ materials and resources in proper and authorized manners.

TO ASSUME responsibility for the safety of students and others who have been put in my care.

TO ADHERE to the mission and policies of the League when acting as a League Cycling Instructor.

TO RESPECT everyone with the same respect I expect for myself. The same honesty will extend to my handling of bicycling qualifications, certifications, assessment of students’ abilities, and any circumstances that might exhibit potential for conflicts of interest.  This includes respecting a person’s personal and emotional space. 

TO IDENTIFY myself as a League of American Bicyclists instructor and the course materials as those of the League of American Bicyclists.

TO RECOGNIZE that this certification remains in effect as long as my authorization is maintained with the League of American Bicyclists.

TO TREAT people fairly without regard to race, sex, religion, age, disability, or national origin.

TO SET set aside conflicts between me and students or others, within the context of carrying out my professional responsibilities.

TO STRIVE for excellence in bicycling by maintaining and enhancing my own knowledge and skills.

As a League Cycling Instructor, I assume the full responsibilities of this Code of Ethics and am aware that these responsibilities are a part of my obligation as a League Cycling Instructor. I pledge my support to these Code of Ethics.

I understand that failing to uphold the above stated Code of Ethics could result in the termination of my LCI number by the League of American Bicyclists. 

– Click here for PDF: LCI Code of Ethics

We asked our LCIs why they wanted to become League Cycling Instructors…

I would love to continue sharing the joy of safe bicycle riding with youth and adults, both in informal and formal settings, knowing that I'm fully equipped and knowledgeable to do so with a nationally recognized certification.

To help people become more comfortable with cycling as a method of transportation



JAN 01 (Saturday): LCI Seminar Registration Opens Online

APRIL 15 (Saturday): Scholarship Application Closes

APRIL 30 (Sunday): Scholarship Awardees Notified

MAY 06 (Saturday, 11:59pm): Deadline to Register for Seminar

MAY 14 (Sunday): Smart Cycling from 8:30am – 4:30pm at Mānoa Public Library

JUNE 1 (Thursday): Candidates Assessment Deadline


JUNE 09 (Friday):

4:00pm – 9:00pm

JUNE 10 (Saturday):

8:00am – 9:00pm

JUNE 11 (Sunday):

8:00am – 4:00pm

NOTE: Candidates must attend all three days of the seminar to be considered for certification.

Questions? Get in touch with Malia k Harunaga, HBL’s Director of Adult Education, at or by calling HBL at (808) 735-5756.