Be a mobility advocate with HBL! March 11th is 311 day. Participate wherever you are by reporting infrastructure issues in your area with the Honolulu 311 app. 311 Day is a day of civic participation focusing on mobility and transportation equity! 

Below are helpful links, forms, and phone numbers to be an advocate for safer streets! And it’s not just reserved for 311 day! You can 311 any day of the year. 

Be our eyes on the roads and paths! Help report issues to the City and State. 

Start by trying to identify if you are on a City & County Road (Honolulu or Neighbor Islands) or a State Highway. The first test is if the road ends in “Highway”, it’s most likely state. 

Report pot holes, overgrown bushes, sand covered shoulders, missing signs, and more.

Report via Honolulu 311:

County of Kauai
Maui County
Hawai’i Island

Contact the Pot Hole Hotline

  • Honolulu Website
  • Call (808) 768-7777 for City of Honolulu Streets
  • Call (808) 536-7852 for State Highways
  • Call (808) 566-2299 for HART maintained roadways

When in doubt, you can call 911 non-emergency to report a road hazard.

Learn more about National 311 Day by visiting this link.