Follow along for Douglas’s world-record attempt to ride a single speed bicycle around the world!
From Douglas:


🥇Guinness World Record, self-supported, single-speed circumnavigation🥇 

Total Distance: 19,410.87 km (Stage IV, 6,776km)

Total Cycling Days: 115 days (Stage IV, 38 days)

Longest Day: 243 km (Stage IV: Botswana)

Daily Average: 168 km per day

Total % Complete: 67%

Total Elevation: 73,234m

Total MSF Donations: US$5,030 🙏🏼 


Hottest Day: 43°C/109°F ☀️ 

Coldest Day: 18°C/65F° ❄️ 

Rain Days: 8 🌧️ 

Number of flats: 6 🛞 

Number of lost/broken parts: 1 rack, 1 bicycle frame 😢 

Number of falls: 2! 😆 

Biggest Natural Challenge: heat & wind ☀️🌬️ 

Biggest Logistical Challenge: roads! 🛑 

Longest cycling day: 12:19:40 ⏱️ 

Number of days over 200 km: 7 🚴🏻💨

Number of nights camping: 21 ⛺️

Most beautiful landscape: Zambia 🌅 

Most wildlife: Botswana 🦓🐘🐫🦒🐃🐐🦔🐂🦌🐢🐎🦅🐒

Most impressive natural wonder: Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe 💦 

Favorite food: ugali, paliche, nisima, bogobe, mutuku! 🌽 

Favorite animal encounter: giraffe 🦒

Best part of Africa: the people! ❤️

Not only was STAGE IV: AFRICA the longest, it was also the hardest stage yet. The difficulties came early, from elevations in Kenya to the wind in South Africa. Economically, Africa is quite poor, which made it difficult from time-to-time to secure food, water and shelter. Hygiene was also difficult to maintain. But even with all these challenges I couldn’t have felt happier or more well-taken care of. Africans, across the continent, where kind, generous and honest. I always felt safe and was always treated with the upmost care. I can’t say enough how impressed I was with all the people I encounter across the continent. In fact, if we judged a society by how its people treat one another—as opposed to how much money it has—then Africa may be the richest place on earth! Smiling faces and happy greeting preceded me everywhere I went and I came to love all the children greeting me “How are you!” along the way. I must admit that during my planning I was concerned about safety but that turned out to be unnecessary in the six countries I cycled through. All along the way I felt safe and experience fair dealings. 

Aside from the people, some of the highlights were all the wild animals I encountered, from elephants and giraffes to camels and zebras. It’s especially impressive to see these animals free and in their natural environment. I also loved visiting Victoria Falls and cycling past Kilimanjaro (evening though it was in the distance, the elevation was brutal!). 

I also experienced my share of difficulties, including, food poisoning (again) and a crash that seriously damaged my bicycle (again). Luckily, I was able to overcome both these obstacles and a new bicycle frame was waiting for me at the end of this stage (thank you again, Wabi Cycles!).

Now its time to start STAGE V: EUROPE and to go from the African heat into the European winter. Please, continue to follow me on Instagram & Facebook where I am keeping a journal with photos & video of my world record attempt 🌍🚴🏻💨 

Much aloha!

While STAGE III: CENTRAL ASIA was the shortest, and only included one country (Kazakhstan), it was the most pleasurable. Nothing in particular stands out in comparison to the previous two Stages. It was just the perfect combination of cool Fall weather, little elevation, and long empty roads. Except for the wind and a stretch of bumpy road this was the easiest and most peaceful ride yet. There were challenges of course, including, finding food and water over such long, empty distances. The wind, like in the Nullarbor, Australia was also brutal at times. Otherwise, the food was healthy and delicious, the weather perfect for cycling, landscape spectacular, and the people genuinely kind (once they had warmed to you!). There is a sweetness to the people of Kazakhstan that genuinely touched my heart. 

As mentioned previous, the wind was the most challenging part of this Stage. These wide, open flatlands allow the wind to roll across the terrain, gaining speed, and hitting you with 30kp/h gusts! It also doesn’t help that I’m going east to west in this world record attempt. Nevertheless I was able to break 200km per day six times, including, my longest single-day ride (241km).

Securing enough water during the large empty stretches was also a challenge—until I realized that I could ask truckers on the side of the road if they would share some water with me. They gladly did and it reinforced my idea that the open roads are for two kindred spirits: truckers and bikers.

Lastly, I travel light so the cold at night was a little bit of an issue but nothing I couldn’t handle. But I could only imagine what cycling in the winter would be like here! Everything else was great and I couldn’t be happier with how this Stage went. 

Now, I will move on from this shortest Stage to the longest Stage of this world record attempt: Africa. My ride will take me across 2/3rd of the continent (Northeast-Southwest) from Nairobi, Kenya to Cape Town, South Africa. Please continue to follow me on Instagram or Facebook ( and consider a donations to Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières ( 👨🏻‍⚕️👩🏼‍⚕️

Special thanks to all the people who stopped me on the side of the road to give me food and water. 🙏🏼