Follow along for Douglas’s world-record attempt to ride a single speed bicycle around the world!
From Douglas: 
Guinness World Record, self-supported single-speed circumnavigation 🏆
Total cycling days: 44
Total percentage complete: 24.4%
Total milage: 7,327.07 km
Total elevation: 35,244m
Average distance: 166.52 km per day
Longest cycling distance (Indonesia): 191.91 km
Longest cycling day (Indonesia): 13 hours, 22 minutes
Total MSF donations: $2,675.00 🙏🏼
Coldest day: 24°C/75°F ❄️
Hottest day: 33°C/91°F ☀️
Number of rain days: 1 🌧️
Number of flats: 0 🛞
Number of broken parts: 1 bicycle(!), bicycle rack, 1 pannier 🚲💼
Number of times sick: 1 🤢
Biggest challenge: heat 🥵
Number of ferries ridden: 2 ⛴️
Number of 4am starts: 19 🌙
Number of 8oz Pocari Sweats drank: 114 💦
Number of peanut butter & honey sandwiches eaten: 76 🥪
Favorite Indonesian food: sambal! 🌶️
Most beautiful part of Indonesia: Sumatra ⛰️
Best part of Indonesia: the people 🇮🇩
Special thanks to my hosts: Floui in Bali, Rina in Jakarta, and Yuda in Parabang. Thanks to Amy and Anthony for sending care packages, and Tailfin & Wabi for sending me gear replacements. Lastly, thank you to all the Indonesian families in all the guesthouses I stayed in along the way, so kind and lovely you will all be in my heart. We rise and fall together and so it’s important we help each other to make the world a better place. 🙏🏼
In summary:
I thought SE Asia was going to be easier (and it perhaps might still be!), but Indonesia was as difficult as Australia—in different ways. Instead of cold there was heat, and the need to adapt to the heat by drinking 6-7 liters of water per day! Then there was the air pollution and chaotic traffic of one of the most densely populated countries in the world (the island of Java in particular requires some skill to navigate). And then there’s the unexpected climbing once I reached Jambi in Sumatra (never easy on a single-speed). Finally, there is the poverty, closely tied to my bout with food poisoning, and difficulties finding clean places to eat and sleep compared with Australia. All these things made Indonesian uniquely challenging.
Having said all that, Indonisian has the kindest people I have met! And I don’t say this without experience; I have been to over 100 countries. Indonesian people are simple, mostly Muslim, friendly, kind, and helpful. While there were so many things I was confused with during this ride (not to mention the language!), I was always given the gentlest of attention and treated as the best guest. Thus, I am deeply humbled and grateful to have met such beautiful people and I will take all their kind words and friendly smiles back home with me in my memories to Hawaii. ♥️
Lastly, I’d like to acknowledge to my fiancée Amy, for her continued support during this most challenging attempt at a Guinness World Record 🌎🚴🏻💨
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Let’s continue with Stage II: S.E. Asia! 🇸🇬 🇲🇾 🇹🇭