Follow along for Douglas’s world-record attempt to ride a single speed bicycle around the world!
From Douglas:
Guinness World Record, self-supported single-speed circumnavigation 🏆
Dates: June 5 – July 9
Percentage complete: 13.8%
Total cycling days: 25
Average distance per day: 165.56 km per day
Total milage: 4,139.07 km
Total elevation: 17,254m
Longest cycling distance: 206.35 km
Longest cycling day: 11 hours, 49 minutes
Total MSF donations: $1,675.00
Coldest day: 1°C/34°F ❄️
Hottest day: 19°C/66°F ☀️
Number of rain days: 7 🌧️
Number of flats: 1 🛞
Number of falls: 2 🤕
Number of broken parts: 1 tent pole, 1 bicycle rack, 1 bicycle saddle ⛺️🚲
Biggest challenge: the wind! 🌬️
Number of kangaroos raced: 1 🦘
Number of public bathrooms slept in: 8 🚽
Number of “bachelor handbags” eaten: 12 🍗
Favorite Australian food: meat pie! 🥧
Most beautiful part of Australia: Nullarbor Plains 🏜️
Best part of Australia: the people ❤️
Special thanks to my hosts: Neil in Sydney, Claire in Adelaide, and Kapil & Kusum in Perth. Thanks to Trevor for helping fix my tent, Kidsons Cycles for fixing my bicycle rack, Treadly Bike Shop for my new bicycle saddle, and Tailfin for my replacement bicycle rack. I am well aware that we don’t do things alone and all my success comes from the love and support of others so thank you! 🙏🏼
In summary, Australia is a vast country and the days were long, with very few cities in between. The landscape is mostly flat where I cycled but beautiful. The most challenging part was the wind. My god, was the wind was brutal! I would not recommended anyone going west across Australia! I was also warned in advance about crossing the Nullarbor but because of the distances I crossed every day I was always able to reach the next roadhouse to stock up on supplies. The Nullarbor also turned out to be the most beautiful part of the ride but the cold and rain, and shorter winter days, made it challenging to cycle. The Australian cuisine was not that impressive outside of the cities but the Australian people were amazing, such down to earth and friendly folk! I especially loved the RV camper community, the truckers, and the miners. Good, “salt of the earth” people who treated me with kindness and respect. I also met many south & southeast Asians, who had emigrate to Australia, and they worked many of the roadhouses along the way. I have always met good people in my travels and Australia was no different. Lastly, I’d like to say a deep heartfelt thank you to my fiancée Amy, for her endless love and support during this most difficult attempt at a Guinness World Record 🌎🚴🏻💨
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Onward to Stage II: S.E. Asia! 🇮🇩 🇸🇬 🇲🇾 🇹🇭