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On Monday, June 26th, HBL Staff and Board joined the Mayor’s Advisory Committee on Bicycling for a preview ride of the City’s Skyline passenger rail. With Skyline operations going live on June 30th, it was great to have an opportunity to check out the bicycle features at the station, and experience the unique ride before it opens to the public. 

We arrived at the Hālawa Station and were reminded just how large of project this is. The station towered over the parking area and is a full two stories off the group. We checked in and made out way up to the station platform. 


There are multiple ways to get from the street level to the station platform. There is an elevator, escalator, and stairs. The stairs have a built in bicycle ramp on both sides of the stairs that you can roll your bike up or down. Bikes are also permitted in the elevator. 

We all boarded the train and hooked the bike to the one of the bike racks on board. There bike hooks that your bike can be stored in. Above the bike hooks there are operating instructions. It is different than the racks on The Bus, so you may want to familiarize yourself with them. It is a vertical rack and you hook the front wheel into the rack by pulling the handle out and sliding the front wheel in. The back wheel hangs into the slot below. 

There are a total of 4 bike hooks in each train, but bicycles can also be kept on the ground with you, so the capacity of any given train is much more than 4. There is currently no restriction on when or how many bicycles can be brought on board. Some rail systems elsewhere limit during commuting hours, but Honolulu will not have restrictions. 

The train is spacious and comfortable, even offering Wifi internet. Since the system is driverless, the front of the train offers a unique view of the path ahead. There is even a captains seat facing forward! The views looking out to the side are also unique given the elevated nature, providing views mauka to makai. 

The preview ride stopped at each station and we started to notice little easter eggs, like signs on the platform that let you know where the bike storage, as well as luggage storage, racks would be so you could line up at the door that best fit your needs. 

There are 9 stations opening with initial operations. The ride takes 22 minutes to go 11 miles in comfort! Much faster than driving or biking. 

There is a newer bike path on the East Kapolei end of the system that runs along Kaulaka‘i Parkway to the Ka Makana Ali‘i Shopping center, and continues along Kapolei Parkway to the Leeward Bikeway. 

Ultimately, with the completion of the Leeward Bikeway, this will connect to the Pearl Harbor Historic Trail and you’ll be able to ride back to the Hālawa Station. Creating a fun multi-modal loop! We look forward to hosting future events!

Each station also has basic bicycle racks installed. HBL wishes the original plan of bicycle lockers, or a more secure bike parking solution was offered, however we’re happy to see the other bicycle features incorporated. We’d plan to bring our bike on the train, rather than lock at the station, and use it as a last mile connection at the other end of the trip. 

Mahalo to the City & County for the opportunity to experience Skyline and check out the bicycle features!