Who: You! And Safe Streets Advocates

What: Gathering for Safe Streets

Where: Hawai’i State Capitol Rotunda

When: Monday, March 13th at 1pm

Why: To Promote Safe Streets For All, From Keiki to Kūpuna.


Families, policymakers, community advocates, and organizations will host an informative gathering to promote safe streets for everyone at 1PM on Monday, March 13, 2023.

A variety of advocates for safe streets will be gathering in the Hawai‘i State Capitol Rotunda on Monday, March 13th at 1PM to provide lawmakers with an opportunity to engage with the community regarding bills that have broad community and legislative support and, if passed, will support street safety for all road users. Bills of particular interest this year include SB1506, HB600, SB1086, HB415, and SB1535.

It is an opportunity to hear from families who have lost loved ones to traffic violence, including the family members of Zachary Manago and Sara Yara. Learn how by sharing their stories, they have been able to activate community organizations and advocates as well as elected officials to work in partnership in order to identify policies that improve road safety. Lawmakers will highlight House and Senate bills that are aimed at making our streets safer for everyone, especially the most vulnerable users. 

This event is supported by multiple organizations, including AARP Hawai‘i, Hawai‘i Bicycling League, Hawai‘i Public Health InstitutePapa Ola Lokahi, and Ulupono Initiative. The gathering will begin at 1PM and include speakers from families who have suffered the loss of loved ones to traffic violence, partner organizations, as well as from policy makers.

Please join us at this gathering to promote safer streets for all, from keiki to kūpuna.