Get your bikes in tune to rock & roll your personal goal in the 10-day ride period

HBL’s Mele of Bicycling–Metric Century is the transitional bike event that takes the best of a large group event and mixes it with the fun of HBL’s Hawai’i Ride of the Century we held in September 2020.

Connect with riders from around the world who are also inspired to “Ride with Aloha” and ride with pride knowing you are supporting the non-profit Hawaii Bicycling League.

There’s a reason HBL’s Mele Metric Century is a 10 day event – biking over multiple days gets you into the rhythm of biking! And you ride on your favorite routes, on your time, and on the bike you choose – ride indoors, outdoors or both.

♪ ♫ Join HBL's Mele of Bicycling ♬ ♫

HBL’s Mele Metric Century primary focus is personal achievement toward a personal bicycling goal. The event includes competitive challenges, exclusive access to HBL Curated Routes, a private HBL Facebook Event Page, and cool finisher gear. And, we’re excited we’ll see you along the way at HBL Pit Stop Recharge Stations stocked with your favorite biking fuel.

Participants have 10 consecutive days (including 2 weekends) to ride and log distance ridden. Reach your goal all in one day or hop on your bike every day during the 10-day event ride period (Apr 30 to May 9, 2021) ~ you make your ride plan, and we’ll provide you special support. We know you probably did your share of binge watching (we did too!).

No matter your age and biking experience. You choose your personal distance goal.

  • Bike a Half Metric Century (50 km/31 miles). As easy as a 2 mile out/2 mile back daily ride.
  • Bike a Full Metric Century (100 km/62 miles) a distance easily achieved over 10 days. 
  • Challenge yourself with a Double Metric Century (200 km/124 miles) when one century is not enough.
  • And for the truly inspired, The MAYTONA 500. The distance of FIVE metric centuries, a total of (500km/310 miles)

Now, sashay on out and do some binge biking with HBL!

Registered Riders Receive:

  • Mele of Bicycling Dry Tech Gender Fit Finisher Shirt
  • Mele of Bicycling-Metric Century reusable reflective wristband
  • Exclusive access to 4 weekend Mele of Bicycling-Metric Century Pit Stop Recharge Stations (on O’ahu)
  • Exclusive access to printable and GPS upload HBL Curated Routes (password provided to registrants)
  • Invitation to HBL Private Facebook Event Page
  • Mele of Bicycling temporary tattoo
  • Mele of Bicycling-Metric Century event decal
  • In-person Rider Packet Pickup multi-date/time/location options (on O’ahu)
  • Custom Finisher Certificate (printable PDF)
  • Kazoo Khorus and Finisher Award Event on May 22
  • Invitation to #SafeUs Ride on May 23

*Pricing is tiered by DATE YOU REGISTER

REGISTER NOW for the best deal.

Want to register by paper – be sure to get in to HBL before pricing deadlines MMC_Registration_2021


HBL’s Mele of Bicycling-Metric Century is a worldwide event, so anyone with a bike can participate.

All roadies, cruisers, fixies, gravel grinders, mountain bikers, commuters, weekend warriors, triathletes, stationary and E-Bikers can participate. Borrow, rent or use a bikeshare, no matter if inside, outside, on a trainer or stationary bike ~ get riding.

*Competitors with pedal assist or E-Bike are not eligible for Competitive Challenge awards for distance and age. Riders are responsible for providing HBL with information that undeniably proves their age and ride(s) when requested.

REGISTER ASAP for best saving. Pricing tiers are based on DATE REGISTERED.

GET YOUR FRIENDS TO REGISTER, build a Team and encourage others to set their goals with you. It doesn’t matter how many riders in a Team and you do not have to ride together or at the same time. You must Join/Create your Team at time of your registration to enter the Team Competitive Challenges.

MARCH 25th – Registration Price Increase

APRIL 15th – Registration Price Increase

APRIL 23rd – 25th Rider Packet Pickup (locations TBA)

APRIL 30th – May 9th (OFFICIAL RIDE PERIOD)  – only rides during the official ride period count towards your goal distance.

MAY 10th – REPORT TOTAL DISTANCE – report as soon as you meet your goal. Competitive Challenge contestants must report ride results before deadline.

MAY 22nd – Kazoo Khorus and Finisher Award Event  (location/time TBA)

MAY 23rd -#SafeUs 3-FEET RIDE (location/time TBA)

HBL’s Mele of Bicycling-Metric Century is an untimed unassisted ride in which riders roll at their own pace over a 10-day period. There are no official routes, start or finish locations and riders can complete rides at any location worldwide. This gives all riders of every age, ability and location plenty of freedom to enjoy the routes of their choice in a non-competitive non-race environment.  

Only the distance ridden during the “official ride period” (Apr 30th-May 9th, 2021) is counted in your Mele of Bicycling-Metric Century Total Distance. 

HBL’s Mele of Bicycling-Metric Century is an untimed unassisted non-competitive ride. We understand a lot can happen before and during the 10-day ride period and our priority is always your safety.

If you encounter challenges meeting your goal we encourage you to do your best. You will not be penalized or miss out on the fabulous finisher package or rider resources if you do not meet your goal. The ride goal is just that, a goal. The focus should be to ensure you are having fun, meeting riders through our platforms and making fantastic memories. Riding of any kind is an accomplishment and we celebrate any attempts you make. Regardless of the distance you ride in relation to your goal (even if zero), we ask everyone to REPORT the TOTAL DISTANCE online no later than May 10th, 2021 midnight HST

HBL will ask you if you logged your riders in kilometers or miles (for confirmation) but we sure would appreciate it if you could convert for your final reporting :-). Here is a sample of the report. It will be reset when the official ride period starts so take a look now before you start riding. REPORTING FORM 

Only ONE ENTRY per registered rider is needed. Riders only need to  report the TOTAL DISTANCE: the combination of all rides, on all bikes, a rider completes over the 10-day event period (Apr 30th-May 9th) once a personal goal is met or by deadline May 10th. No screenshots or downloads are needed at the time of reporting.

Distance ridden cannot be shared, combined or transferred to another rider or performed by another person. These are personal rides and HBL respects the distance reported. Do not enter daily or multiple entries as HBL will not combine rides for you. We suggest you keep track of rides as you go so you can easily REPORT the TOTAL DISTANCE. Participant totals will not be posted publicly.

HBL has built this ride for YOU and encourage YOU to be the only one riding toward your personal century goal. You will miss not only the fun, challenge and fitness benefits but most importantly the personal achievement and pride that comes when YOU jump in the saddle. Please use the honor code, ride safe and ride with aloha,

Riders may be requested to provide HBL additional proof of ride completion for competitive challenges awards upon request.

We will not have a jersey for this ride event but have upgraded the finisher shirt to a super cool  Mele of Bicycling Dry Tech Gender Fit Shirt.

Check out the sizing to make sure your select the correct size at registration. There are no exchanges once registration is confirmed and HBL will not have extras. Shirt color is just a sample.

Click to view the MEN’S or WOMEN’s Sizing Chart for your best fit. Charts also available for review at registration.



HBL events would not be possible without wonderful volunteers. Celebrate the rhythm of bicycling with HBL throughout the month of May–with a kiss of April.

HBL’s Mele of Bicycling features a variety of fun and informative events you’ll not want to miss. With each event there are a variety of volunteer needs. Follow for upcoming activities before, after and as the month dances along.
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Visit HBL’s Mele of Bicycling Volunteer Opportunities to sign up.

HBL understands unexpected situations arise all the time. Due to the infinite number of possible circumstances, we enforce a no exception cancellation / no refund policy. While we do feel compassion for those who are unable to participate due to unforeseen circumstances, registration fees and any cost incurred by registrants associated with a ride are non-refundable and non-transferable. Forfeited registrations are processed as a donation to HBL. 

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