Get to Know Our Instructors

Get to Know the League Cycling Instructors at HBL!

Taking a cycling workshop with us? Awesome! You’re going to have a great time. All of our instructors have gone through a stringent 23-hour+ seminar to become nationally certified instructors by the League of American Bicyclists. To find more about the rigorous certification process, click here. To meet your wonderful instructors, read on!

Sharleen Andrade

Sharleen’s passion for riding a bike started at 6 years old. Being on a bicycle gave her freedom and unbelievable joy, she has never stopped riding a bike. Becoming a League Cycling Instructor in 2013 opened the door for her to share her passion with more people. Teaching folks how to handle their bicycles, learning the laws of the road and giving them the confidence to take their bikes out on the road gives her tremendous joy. She knows she is making an impact because at the end of each class she asks the students to tell her one thing they take away from the class and it blows her away with their answers, because each student took away valuable information which made them a more confident cyclist and in some cases a more informed motorist. In addition, they have become more aware on the importance of safe streets for our community.

Don Child

Don was always a bike commuter, but it wasn’t until he retired that he really found his wheels. After leading a handful of Boy Scouts across America (documented in his book, “Blue Highway Warriors” from Motivational Press), he recognized the need for proper bicycle education, and leapt at the opportunity to become a Licensed Certified Instructor through the Hawaii Bicycling League. When he isn’t busy teaching bicycling classes, he can frequently be found on organized HBL rides.

Chelsie Counsell

Chelsie loves biking because it is an environmentally friendly and freeing way to explore, exercise, commute, and enjoy being outside with friends. She is an avid cyclist who has led bike tours, competed in half Ironmans and off-road triathlons, and completed multiple century rides and various hill climbs including a 10,000 ft climb in Taiwan. Chelsie became an LCI to share her passion for bikes with others and empower them to spend more time on two wheels.

Patricia Johnson

Patricia Johnson got back on a bicycle at age 62, and has been happily riding ~100 miles/week ever since.  She leads the Monday, “Start The Week Off Right Ride”, the Thursday, “Kailua 4 Brunch Ride,” and the Sunday, Red Hot Ladies “Roving Riders” rides + recently helping to teach the BIKI Basics classes.  She loves the freedom bicycling affords her, AND more, the  friendships she has made.  She loves sharing the JOY of riding a bicycle!

Malia k Harunaga

Falling in love with bicycling every time she gets on her bike, Malia loves helping people find the freedom and joy cycling brings. She has been teaching cycling workshops for HBL since her sophomore year of college at UH and was fortunate to be welcomed to the HBL staff ‘ohana as their Adult Education Manager in 2015.

John Rogers

John doesn’t remember a time in his life when a bicycle was not his mode of transportation. He is a passionate believer of a recreational cycling community that encompasses riders of all ages and abilities. John has been an activist for 20+ years in the pursuit of the completion of the Leeward Bikeway. He has participated in bike-share and cycling experiences most recently in Oregon, Umbria Italy, and Perigord, France. And let’s not forget cycling adventures in the cities of London, Amsterdam, Rome, Indianapolis, Chattanooga, D.C. , San Francisco, Buffalo, Niagara, Saint Augustine, and, of course, Honolulu (Biki bikes). His passions brought him to HBL and encouraged him to become a League of American Bicyclists League Cycle Instructor (LCI).