Fastest Flat Fixer

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Qualifier Event: May 15, 2021

Championship: May 22, 2021

Hawaii Bicycling League is putting together a head to head showdown to find out who will win the coveted title of the Fastest Flat Fixer on O‘ahu

This will be an action-packed, fast-moving, tube-removing, tire-inflating head to head showdown. Competitors from all across the island will show off their fastest flat fixing skills wielding tire levers and pumps in this exciting qualifier event.

Competitors can choose from two divisions – the “Featherweight” Division, which is defined as tires with 80 PSI and above (typically categorized as skinny/road bike tires) or the “Welterweight” Division, which would be tires 35-80 PSI (typical mountain/hybrid tires). The top three competitors from each division, will get a chance to battle for the ultimate crown at the FASTEST FLAT FIXER CHAMPIONSHIP on May 22nd at the Mele Metric Awards Show. Scroll down to register for the Contest!

If you think you're pretty handy wielding a set of tire levers and a pump, we want you to be here.

Don’t want to throwdown but want to get some of the action? You’re encouraged you to come out and bring a friend to be a part of the excitement & participate as a spectator. We can all watch and marvel at the mechanics and everyday commuters as they race against each other and the clock, tire levers & tubes in hand.

Feeling inspired? (We certainly are!) We invite you to get in on the flat fixing action (of course at a more fun and laid-back pace) and attend a complimentary Fix-a-Flat workshop where adults can come to learn how they can perform a smooth and painless flat fixing on their own bike from our friendly & knowledgeable League Cycling Instructors. No competition here! Just learning all the important insider tricks for an effortless wheel change – zero prior mechanical experience needed. The workshop is free of charge and will be offered from 1:00 to 3:00pm on-site, right before the contest. 

To RSVP for the free Fix-a-Flat workshop, click the green button!

CONTEST (Qualifier Event) DETAILS

When: May 15, 2021 (Saturday)

Where: Location TBD

Who: You!


Featherweight Division: 80 PSI and up (example: typical skinny/road bike wheel)

Welterweight Division: 35 – 80 PSI (example: typical hybrid/mountain bike wheel)


1:00 to 3:00 – HBL Fix a Flat Learning Workshop (free!)

2:45 to 3:15 – Contest Late Registration

3:00 to 3:30 – All Competitors Check-in, Judges Equipment Check, and Featherweight Division Competitor Set-up/Prep

3:30 to 3:40 – Pre-Announcements & Opening Remarks

3:40 – Qualifier Event, Featherweight Division START

4:00 to 4:20 – Welterweight Division Competitor Set-up/Prep

4:20 – Qualifier Event, Welterweight Division START

4:40 – Awards & Closing Remarks


Those interested in being a participating in the FASTEST FLAT FIXER Contest need to register using the online form (BELOW⇩). Day-of registration will be available, but may be limited. 

There is no cost ($0) to enter the contest.

This contest is open to anyone 12 years of age or older. Those competing under 16 years of age must have an adult present.

• Competitors are responsible for bringing their own equipment: wheel with tire & tube, replacement tube, pump, and any tools (i.e. tire levers) they will be using.

Use of an air compressor or CO2 for inflation is NOT permitted in the contest.

Once the contest starts competitors are not allowed to accept any physical assistance from outside sources.

The contest is to occur at    location    on May 15, 2021, as part of HBL’s Mele of Bicycling, and serves as the Qualifier Event for the FASTEST FLAT FIXER Championship taking place on May 22, 2021. The contest objective is to replace one (1) tube from a complete bicycle wheel and return it to it’s initial PSI as fast as possible, and within 20 minutes. The top three competitors with the quickest times in their respective division – “Featherweight” and “Welterweight” – will be crowned the contest winners and advance to the final showdown (the Championship) on May 22, 2021. #FFFChampionship


Simply fill out the form below! Details will be emailed to you when your registration is received.

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