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We’re thrilled you are taking the time to check out & all the great resources HBL has compiled for you. While most of the excellent, informative, and helpful content – such as the Hawai‘i Bike Laws, group ride calendar, upcoming events, advocacy alerts & initiatives – is perusable for everyone, we’re excited to have special features built in just for current HBL members to access like curated routes, member discounts, and more.

We’ve been listening, and are sharing the answers to some common questions from people using this site. If your question/issue is not answered below, please give us a call or shoot us an email & we’re happy to help.

Signing in

As a dues-paying, current member with the Hawaii Bicycling League, you get all the HBL member perks that come with it. Have a current membership with HBL? Make sure to sign-in FIRST to the site to get those discounts automatically applied to your ride registration or merch purchase!

On DESKTOP Computer: Look to the top right corner & hit “Sign In”.

On MOBILE Device: Hit the ☰ (three horizontal lines) in the top right corner to bring down the Menu. Select “Member Login”.

Your Username is your email. The unique email address your HBL member account is set up with is linked to your individual HBL membership.

No. Unfortunately you cannot modify your Username. To set up your HBL member account using a different email, we recommend you wait till your current membership expires & then create a new account (with the email of your choice) when you renew your membership.

We totally get that some people might have a joint email they share with their partner, child, etc., but since the membership system requires a unique identifier to be able to recognize members & give them their proper benefits we ask that you sign up individually, using your own individual email.

Please call HBL at (808) 735-5756 during office hours and we’re happy to help.

Seeing the message ERROR: Your username or password was incorrect”?

If you remember setting up a password for your HBL account recently, make sure that you are using the same email you signed up with (typos can happen!).

Still not accepting your password? Click “Forgot Password” & type in your email address associated to your HBL account & click the “REQUEST PASSWORD RESET” button… 

OUTCOME 1:ERROR: That Username or Email wasn’t found.” 

It shows:

This means you don’t have a current membership with HBL tied to that email address.

Try using a different email address to login, OR….

Start fresh & set up your account with all your most recent contact info by getting your HBL membership up to date by clicking here!


It shows:

Great, we have you on file as a current member with that Username (yay!). An email was sent to that address just now – check your email inbox for that email (sent from: & simply click the link it contains to update & save your new password!

Password trouble?

You created your password for your HBL account (no special character requirements are needed). HBL staff does NOT know your password. But we can help you login if you’ve forgotten your password!

Click here to request a password reset link for your HBL account to be emailed to you.

If you type in your Username (email address) and it pops up “ERROR: That Username or Email wasn’t found.” that means the email address you typed does not have a membership associated with it. You can…

FIRST: Double check your email is typed in correctly (typos happen!)

SECOND: If you use a different email address (or had one that you might have registered with in the past with HBL) try typing that in as your Username.

LAST: Call HBL or email and we can look into what’s going on!

If you don’t remember setting a password for your HBL account recently (in the past year) check to see you you have an account with set up with HBL by clicking here. Simply type the email address you use in & hit the blue “REQUEST PASSWORD RESET” button. You’ll either see:

ERROR: That Username or Email wasn’t found.”, which means the email address you typed does not have a membership associated with it (& therefore you never set up an account or password), OR

“Successfully requested password reset”. If that’s the case, check that email account for the email from HBL (sent from & click the link in that email to set your password. Done!

No worries, passwords can be hard to remember! Click here to have reset password link emailed to you.


Paying for HBL membership, event registration, merchandise, or making a donation? These all help HBL get the work done and we truly appreciate your support.

LockThis site is secure  – we’ll never share your password or information with other parties. HBL does NOT keep any credit card information on file.

Nope! No PayPal account is needed. You don’t have to set up an account either if you don’t want to, simply choose “Checkout as Guest” (it’s the grey button under the blue Next button) & proceed to payment.

PayPal is the payment processor HBL uses so that you can pay securely with your credit card online! HBL does not receive or retain any information related to your credit card.


Don’t want the convenience of having your membership auto-renew? Please email us at if you would like to stop your auto-renewal for future membership payments (through PayPal) and we will cancel your membership auto-renew feature ASAP so that your card is not charged for future years. 

You will receive a notice from PayPal verifying that your Subscription has stopped, as well as an email response back from us double-verifying that we have fulfilled your request to opt out of auto-renewal.

Current members save money when registering for HBL events and HBL merchandise bought through the site! Make sure to SIGN IN first to receive your discounts–they’ll be applied automatically to any purchases you make through

Yes! After completing your payment online a receipt will be emailed to the email address you provided.

Yes, when making any additional donations to HBL a receipt showing your tax-deductible contribution will be sent to you (for all donations made in which no goods or services were provided in exchange). Mahalo nui!

If you have any questions or would like to request a deductible donation letter mailed to you, please email

Indeed. You may mail a check or money order payable to “HBL” to:

Hawaii Bicycling League

3442 Wai‘alae Avenue, Suite #1

Honolulu, HI 96816

Please note there is a Returned Check Fee of $25.00.


After you login to this site (using the password you created & your email), you can view your membership status in your personal Member Dashboard. It will either say your membership is ACTIVE, meaning your membership is still up to date – hooray!, or INACTIVE, which means you are not a current dues-paying member.

Yes, you can login using the email associated with your HBL Member account to check the status of your HBL membership. If it’s ACTIVE, you’ll be able to access all the perks of being a member in the site! But if you login and find your membership is listed as INACTIVE, you won’t be able to get the benefits of being a current HBL Member…

Of course that is, until you renew!  🙂

If you are logged into the site, you’ll see “Log Out in the Navigation bar in the top right corner. Hover your cursor over that & the Member Dashboard option will dropdown for you to click!

If you are NOT logged in to the site it will say “Member Sign-In” in the top right corner instead. (Scroll to the top of this page for How-To sign in.)

If you check on your Membership Information through your membership portal and see that your membership listed as “Classic HBL Membership”, you’re not seeing things! In moving to the new website & membership platform with updated membership plans so we had to import all former membership levels as “Classic” to get them into the system.

“Classic” Memberships are not a member category one can select (currently, or essentially ever). You can choose any of the HBL membership plans currently offered when renewing your membership! (We promise they’re all good!)

If your membership is “INACTIVE” that means your membership has expired! But no worries, we’ve made it real easy to get back on board: just click the blue “MY MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION” button directly below that. Then select the Level you would like to renew at, fill out your billing info, & click the button at the bottom that says “Start Your Membership!“. That will get your membership back in good standing right away!

You can also renew your membership at any time by clicking JOIN in the navigation bar on the top and following the same process as above.

Yes! If you choose to renew your membership before your membership expiration date, the system will add an additional year on to whenever your membership was set to expire. Good on you for being ahead of the game!

Example: If my HBL membership expires 2/22/2022, but I choose to pay my membership dues in advance of that date, on 1/11/2022, your new membership expiration date will be 2/22/2023. 

Shoot! If you successfully renewed your membership with us online, that shouldn’t happen. If it does, please email & we will look into seeing what’s going on and resolving it right away!

If you know the person’s login credentials (the email associated with and their password), you could pay for their membership online. But we don’t recommend sharing your personal login information with others.

For those that would like that old school paper+pen method, click HERE for a printable HBL Membership Form.

If none of the above answers helped address the issue you’re having, give HBL a call during open hours at (808) 735-5756, or email at any time.

Tip: Screenshots of the issue you’re seeing are super helpful for HBL staff & may be able to help us resolve the problem quicker!