Academy of Bicycling

An interactive tool for building competence and confidence.


HBL is proud to welcome you to the new face of cycling education in Hawai‘i HBL’s Academy of Bicycling, a never-seen-before interactive learning tool that features short online courses loaded with the content you want to know about. The Academy was built for anyone looking to expand–or prove–their cycling knowledge, skills, and safety by providing practical, fun, and rewarding bicycle education online & on-bike.

We crafted bite-sized lessons with people’s busy schedules in mind so that you can learn on your own time with 24/7 access to Hawai‘i-relevant useful resources enhanced with thought-provoking & fun quizzes. Paired with awesome hands-on Academy of Bicycling in-person classes that will take your bike confidence & enjoyment to a new level, we are absolutely sure there is something you’ll find interesting & useful to you in The Academy of Bicycling.


Welcome to the Academy of Bicycling 101! BIKE BASICS courses lay the foundation for getting you ready to jump on the saddle by going through the fundamentals of biking. New to cycling? You’re absolutely in the right place! Want to gain access to the advanced lessons? Start by taking “Intro to the Academy of Bicycling” to unlock higher level courses. We’re stoked to get riding with you!


Confident & comfortable cycling can be achieved by anyone–whether you’re at the beginning of your bicycling adventure refining your bicycle balance & control, or a commuter looking to navigate traffic in the city, or a seasoned cyclist aiming to crush climbs. Join us for on-bike instructor-led courses to enrich your biking experience anywhere you go. POWERFUL PEDALING courses will give you all the tools, knowledge, and skills to feel comfortable riding in any situation; for adults learning how to ride, to exploring bike infrastructure around the island & everything in between.


Learn the tricks for performing an effortless flat change on your own, brush up brake & cable adjustments, learn how to fix your derailleurs for smooth shifting, and more. WRENCH WORKS courses provide you hands-on experience with our knowledgeable instructors. Keeping your ride in proper rolling shape by knowing how to do bike maintenance & repairs are sure to make your rides even more rewarding.