Join us for Mele of Bicycling’s…


May 10 – 16, 2021

Hip Hop Biki Stop is the way to join in HBL’s Mele of Bicycling by riding a Biki!  Simply using Biki for your short hops around town could make you a winner!  The Hawaii Bicycling League is awarding a hip Mele of Bicycling trophy to the person who makes the most trips on a Biki over a 7-day period. Biki will be counting up your trips and the Biki Member with the most trips wins.  You don’t need to do a thing (well, except biki, of course).

Between May 10-16, hop on a Biki at any one of over 100 Biki Stops and take a spin.  You’ll automatically be part of Hawaii Bicycling League’s Mele of Bicycling, a month-long celebration of the rhythm of cycling April 30-May 23. Biki users are very important members of Honolulu’s biking community evidenced by the symphony of bright blue bikes moving people happily through town.  If we aren’t handing you a trophy at our May 22 Awards Show, we hope to see you at other fun events throughout the month!  


To be eligible for HBL’s Hip Hop Biki Stop trophy, just be:

• A Hawai‘i Resident

• Age 16 or over

• Have an active Biki membership (either a Free Spirit, Commuter, or Voyager Plan) 

Other details:

• Rides must be at least 3 minutes in duration to count.

• Trip count will be between May 10 12:01am and May 16 11:59pm.

• No registration is required. Number of trips will be automatically tallied by the Biki system.

• Biki will provide the winner’s name and contact information, along with the winning number of trips taken, to Hawaii Bicycling League for winner award and recognition. 

• The winner will be asked to sign an HBL release for potential photo use